How To Ask a Girl Out

Imagine yourself at some kind of social gathering when you notice a beautiful girl accross the room. Your hormones go into “high tide” and you would love the chance to be able to get a conversation going and even flirt a little. As you look around you notice a few other guys checking out the object of your affection and dismiss the opportunity because of the challenge and uncertainty. Besides, even if you got her attention first how would you set yourself apart from all the others? What exactly could you bring to the table that would ensure that you earned her complete attention?

Believe it or not, this is how most of us approach the situation when dealing with the topic of how to start a conversation with a girl. The whole process is filled with uncertainty and no man is immune from the effects. Matter in fact, most of us high tail it out of the situation in an attitude of retreat and defeat.

Now, imagine being placed in the exact situation with a tried and tested formula that produced unprecedented results with the women. Imagine going into the exact situation fully equipped with what to say, how to act and how to read what she is thinking. This uncanny ability would place you in a league of your own…in a reality where you always had the upper hand.

No longer would your attempts of trying to get a girls phone number be in vain. No longer would you be the “tongue tied” fool who does not know how to start a conversation or even ask a girl out. Your whole life would be altered in such a way that your every attempt exuded confidence and certainty. Talking with girls would become so over rated as you would be thoroughly equipped to handle any situation that arose.

Conversation Tactics

Conversation Tactics


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